To offer the students real time exposure and experience in software development platform which reinforces programming concepts, assess programming skills and creative thinking. Students are given a software development kit which contains all the software, Project SOFT APT, Illustration and problem solving at hand. Candidate has to compile and come out with the accurate code to address the problem at hand.

Students Get Customized training in .NET/PHP/JAVA from Certified Instructor before the candidate is deployed onto the project. Project Mentoring from SOFT APT is for the Students who are looking to hone and perfect their programming skills. Here you can find several problems with real-life scenarios. Attempting these will definitely give you an edge over others.

To bridge competency gap towards building skilled and productive workforce to meet the challenges of global business competitions by corporates, SOFT APT Technologies focuses on productivity enhancement training. There is virtually no limit to what we can build with learning software. The division provides turnkey in-company training and skill building services, certification of professional' skills, standardized quality content development and delivery. We have a proven record of helping our client companies to improve employee engagement by creating custom training for software related courses. We assure placement either in our site or in our client companies, as time demands.

Standard Provision And Tailored

SOFT APT training is part of our standard provision and tailored to the specific needs of clients. A wide range of topics are covered allowing staff to develop the skills needed to administer and use SOFT APT applications proficiently. Organisations in the process of implementing SOFT APT software will benefit from the on-site – hands on training provided. Where SOFT APT course and exam automation are involved the training is further reinforced by SOFT APT implementation consultancy.

SOFT APT tangible and concrete benefits

The difference between an average consultant and our outstanding consultants is in the way they combine their experience and your knowledge. They use their advanced consulting skills to help you translate your vision into a solution that helps drive your business forward. Our core competency is recruitment; providing clients with immediate access to a global network of IT resources. We have the experience and resources to ensure personnel serving middle or senior level positions. We provide both contractual and permanent staffing solutions of assured quality and high standard integrity, which help our customers and employees, SOFT APT tangible and concrete benefits.

Technical Staffing

SOFT APT Services in association with SOFT APT Software Systems, India has begun operations specializing in Technical Staffing for catering the needs of globally located clients.

SOFT APT Services in association with SOFT APT technologies can provide experienced programmers/systems professionals on a contract, temporary, or full-time basis for almost any software/language/application.

SOFT APT firm endeavors to service its customers through a consultative approach. As in the business firm, an increasing number of companies are realizing the importance of employing IT software and consulting services in their operations. Companies have linked their systems to help them fill orders on time and serve their customers better. This is an integral part of the products or services provided to its customers. We have an inhouse capability to provide IT software solutions and consulting which includes IT feasibility study. We are continually developing new products to help streamline work and achieve better results.

We focus on advising businesses on how best to use information technology services to meet their business objectives. Our IT zone consultants provide expert advice and assistance in the fields of modifying, testing and supporting software to meet the needs of a particular customer. In addition to providing advice, we often estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer systems on behalf of companies. This process is known as outsourcing.